Hello World!

I’m Kellie. This is my WordPress site.

I’m a writer who tends bar for a living (Art doesn’t always pay the bills but it rewards in other ways). I don’t write about what I had for breakfast or where I went last night – I’m not very prolific but I’m going for a bigger picture with my topics and I’ll try to live up to the title I’ve given this site:  Nota Bene means “Note Well.”  That’s the goal anyway.  You can let me know how I’m doing.

Recent Posts:

11/08/16         Civility

10/13/16         The Unacknowledged Crime

09/25/16        Inexcusable

08/23/16        Inevitable

08/12/2014   Misogyny is a Weapon

06/01/2014   Modern Mythos

02/17/2014   The Long View, Part 2

10/15/2013    The Long View

01/06/2013   The Kill Cure

09/20/2012   A Certain Problem

01/05/2012   The Death of Hitch


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