Misogyny is a Weapon

Certain signs precede certain events.” – Cicero

I do not consider myself a prolific blogger – or really a blogger at all. I am not consistent in length or frequency with the essays I post to this WordPress site because when a topic strikes me I like to do a bit of research before writing about it. I read copiously on the issue and have to digest what I take in. The writing process begins in fits and starts as I seek answers to my questions and consider what I find – which more often than not results in another level of questioning. Then a response must be framed.

This process takes time. I strive for coherence and attention to language. I often include links to articles that influence my opinion or offer support of my argument.  Sometimes the topic has slipped from the news cycle before I’ve completed the essay the headlines sparked. I don’t mind my slower pace. It makes for better craft (I hope). Since I have no externally imposed deadline to meet and I’m not paid for these essays I’m under no obligation to to anyone. But I’ve been pushing myself to address this issue because I’ve also been aware of my reluctance to do so. To write about the Isla Vista killings is to also write about the prolific, sad and accommodating history of this type of hate crime.

Yes, hate crime.

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