In what is starting to resemble a Doonesbury comic strip (to be fair, G. B. Trudeau was accurately portraying The Donald far back in the ’80’s, including a Presidential campaign, but I don’t believe the Pulitzer-Prize winning satirist meant his strip as an instructional manual) Donald Trump recently announced he would no longer be “nice.”

This is hard to imagine as “not satire.”  To cite just a few instances, the Cheeto Shitgibbon has mocked a disabled reported, encouraged assaults on protesters, suggested POW veteran Senator John McCain was not a war hero because he got captured, expressed misogynistic rhetoric at Megyn Kelly (as well as other women over his “career” in the public eye), dismissed a Gold Star family’s sacrifice, and ejected a mother with her crying baby from his rally. And so far he’s been nice?

The most recent outrage has Donald Trump encouraging the assassination of his political rival, Hillary Clinton, by the easily stirred hornet’s nest of the 2nd Amendment paranoid fringe. And yet, as of this writing, he still has his party’s nomination and apparent support.

Is there a condition classified as “Aggressively Obtuse”?

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