The Tertulia Readings

I help organize and often take part in the Continental Gallery Tertulia, a free quarterly event based on the Iberian tradition that celebrates art, music, poetry and prose and attempts to connect artists with each other and the community.

The Continental Gallery Tertulia encourages artistic participation based on a selected theme. Each artist is free to interpret that theme as they wish. This lends itself to a broad spectrum of representations by what is often an eclectic group of musicians, artists and writers.

Quite often after I’ve read at one of these events I have been approached by people who compliment my work and express interest in having a copy of the piece (usually an essay). I’m flattered by these solicitations but I usually only have the one reading copy with me at the time. So I decided to make my contributions to the Tertulia  available here, on my WordPress site. Each essay will be noted by the title of the piece, the date and the event theme. Feel free to print a copy.

Thanks for reading – Kellie

“Letter to the Next Great Generation”  5/1/14. Theme: Hope.

“Accommodation” 2/13/14. Theme: St. Valentine/Obligations

“Alchemy “  11/7/13. Theme: a new term, Unfigureoutable

“Leverage”  8/12/13. Theme: Safety

“The Situation” 11/1/12. Theme: Dear John

“Drought” 6/9/12. Theme: Storms